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Why choose RavalAds !


Multi Format

Run top-performing ads on mobile and desktop screens to deliver amazing and UX-friendly ad experiences without any technical expertise.
Native, video, push notification, banner & pop.


Cross Device

We ensure you to follow each user on any device. Our look alike feature allows you to target your audience on mobile web, in-app, desktop, tablet, at any time of the day.


Open RTB Integrations

Take advantage of the latest version of Open RTB standards. Open RTB version will grant you security and transparence with all the parameters that are sent in the bid requests. You can then simply target your audience with all the parameters available.


Worldwide Coverage

Get access to our worldwide traffic and target your specific geos on a very efficient system. We are very strong in Tier1 countries and you can easily get access to billion of impressions in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy.

We already work with renowned brands

Popcash Peakadx Adacts Adhunter

Key Features

1 smart targeting

Smart Targeting

Target the right audience based on different criteria such as geography, demographic, interest, devices ...

2 bidding tech

Ultimate Bidding Technology

We connect to exclusive private marketplaces, with an impression live buy, based on advanced bidding system

3 exclu traffic

Exclusive Traffic

All the traffic we manage is selected and filtered with internal softwares, in order to provide the best results to your campaign

4 reporting

Direct Reporting

Check in real time your performances and earnings via our statistics and analytics report

5 platform

All-In-One Platform

Our multifunctional platform allows both publishers and advertisers to connect universally

6 account

Dedicated Account

Our industry specialists are here to give you the best possible support and personnalized guidance

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